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The Social Sector is spread out across many platforms where organizations and experts fight many algorithms to be seen. Why is it difficult to find (social) GOOD content on the internet? Welcome to Socially Immersed, the first one stop community platform. As a collective of organizations, experts, social good lovers, etc., we want to welcome you to a space solely for change. As long as you are interested in doing good regardless of the scale impact, we encourage you to sign up with us. You do not have to go hard for all social issues to join. While social issues are intersectional, we encourage you to find one where you can implement a project of some sort in your community.

On this platform you will have the ability to follow nonprofits from over the world, but most importantly in your community. If 2020 taught us anything, it showed the importance of knowing who our local social justice warriors are. Just like Facebook, there are posts for you to comment, post photos (no selfies), videos, and attachments. We have articles written by many talented people, and if you want to submit any, you can. There are learning opportunities where we invite people, both popular names and regular people, to the platform to break down the processes. Want to know how to start a group home? We got you. Want to start a food recovery program in your city? We got you. Need podcasts, documentaries, series, or funding recommendations? We got you. Need us to break down why certain things in your city aren't benefiting the people? We got you. Other ways to engage on the platform include: starting a group, tuning into on-demand course, polls, webinars, digital events, and games.

 If you are reading this, you probably believe in community, or at least want to leave this place we called the world better than how we received it. Regardless of what media showcases, all of our countries, states, cities, towns, etc. need humanitarians. There's not a reason for us not to do this together.

This is phase one of our new social media plan, so please give us feedback on ways to improve as well as who you would like to see us partner with. 

Come get Socially Immersed.

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